Sintflutartige Regenfälle verwüsten unsere Zwinger im Refugio

Unser Vorstand Oscar aus Martos schreibt: "Martos has received terrible storms since the last night, and some village parts are totally overloaded with the water, some parts seems like a river. When storm began to hit, Toñi and Marta went to check the dogs and put some water out, because the water conduct in the lower part was colapsed. As we know what happens, there are never dogs in the part where water use to go. They put the water out and tried to clean. I went this early morning with Marta, to do the same. There are parts with water but everything ok. We have to go this afternoon because it doesn´t stop raining, but dogs are safe, and we have place all the beds together and they go to this part."



Die Aufräumarbeiten zehren wieder an den Kräften, aber unser tapferes Team in Martos wird auch diese Herausforderung bestehen.


Danke nach Martos!

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